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For more than 50 years, Balanças Marques has the ability to develop products in the area of commercial and industrial weighing, incorporating the latest technological trends and meeting the real needs of our clients in the most different commercial and industrial environments.

It’s dedicated to the Research and Development of Software for retail and industry. Created and joined in the Group in 2010.

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Acquisition in 2004 of the entire share capital of EUROPESAGEM - Comércio Internacional de Balanças, Lda, a company specialized in the distribution of commercial and industrial weighing equipment (Founded in 2001).

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Lx Pack

Official representative of the German brand ESPERA, of weighing and labeling equipment. Created in 2011.

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Value Proposition

At the forefront of technological development in the weighing industry.

Technological and Software Development
Manufacturing Capability
Technical Assistance
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We have more than 2000 units of weighbridges working worldwide.

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Pcm M1500
Pcm m1500

PCM M1500 was considered the Best Weighbridge
in the World for 4 consecutive years.

Why are our weighbridges
the best in the world?

For you that will use them:

Vehicle weight control, without leaving the vehicle and wherever you are, through your Smartphone with the Quilo APP.

This allows

  • - Remote Weight Display
  • - Remote Access by Technical Assistance
  • - Control of Several Weight Indicators Simultaneously
  • - Access to all signaling indicators that convey the current state of the equipment: Large Total; Tara; Fixed Tara; Net weight; Stable weight; Zero.
  • - License Plate Detection - Enhanced entry control through automatic license plate detection.
  • - Solar panel power supply - Energy self-sufficiency of the system.
  • - Customized projects for your business - Our development team is at your disposal to ensure that our scales fit the specifics of your business.
  • - Reduced civil work and in some places non-existent - We can mount a weighbridge anywhere. Civil works reduced and some sites non-existent.
  • - Modular and Mobile - The modular and mobile structure of our weighbridges allows you to take them with you if you change facilities.
  • - Electronics and components 100% manufactured by us
For you that will mount them :

- Robust and Durable

- Excellence in Painting - Our weighbridges are painted in Temperature Controlled Paint Booths, as is the case with automotive painting, ensuring durability and excellence.

- Structure Strength.

- Internal concreting process to ensure maximum quality and finishing.

- Fast assembly time - In just one working day, the technicians complete the installation of the weighbridge, ensuring that in the same day it is ready to weigh.

- Minimal Margin of Error - The load cells of our scales are leveled and preassembled mechanically, ensuring maximum accuracy and eliminating errors at the time of assembly.


Capacity to produce

25 000

Touch Scales per year.


BM5 was considered the
World's Best Retail Scale
in the last four years.

Reader's Choice 2021 Reader's Choice 2020 Reader's Choice 2019
Unique Construction

It is the only scale of the segment in stainless steel, which increases its robustness and hygiene. The hardware was developed internally in order to guarantee the autonomy in the destination of the product and its quality.

Billing Software

The ETPOS Software is certified and developed by us thinking about the weighing sector and this machine.

2 Screens

With 15 '' screen for the user, with capacitive touch technology has the same touch sensitivity as an iPhone. It also has a 10'' screen to communicate with the customer.

Printer and Labeling Machine

Allows you to print tickets, labels and continuous self-adhesive paper.

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Management and Billing Software

More than 30.000 successful installations in all business areas in more than 10 markets, ETPOS is a solution that is prepared for the most demanding business scenarios.

Designed to be simple, intuitive and at the forefront of technology, it is the ideal solution designed to be integrated with Marques (POS and Scales) hardware, providing an excellent user experience.

It is adaptable to the different business areas due to its ability to be fully configurable according to the management specificities in the restaurant sector (cafes, bars, restaurants and discos) and retail (laundries, ready-to-wear stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, hairdressers, butchers, fruit shops and fishmongers).

With mobility versions, it is adaptable to the most diverse business models, including ambulant and seasonal.

Adaptable to multiple languages, currencies and tax laws.

Certified Software.

Quick Learning - increases productivity and efficiency.

Connection to the Cloud.