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About us


Founded in 1967, Balanças Marques has already surpassed half a century of activity in the manufacture of commercial and industrial scales, during which the company grew safely and consistently, expanded internationally, and gained recognition for the quality of its products. Balanças Marques was elected as the second best weighing company in the world in 2018, after being the third best in 2014 and 2017, as well as several of its equipments were considered the best in the world, distinctions that motivate the company to aim to do even more and better.




• Add value to the world of weighing by innovating through the development, production and commercialization of instruments and services that our customers are proud to use.

• To be the best partner and supplier of weighing professionals, guaranteeing profitability and business sustainability for all stakeholders.


• Maintain and strengthen the position of the largest Portuguese manufacturer of weighing instruments and position itself among the main European players.

• Continue at the forefront of technological development in the sector.

• Attract and retain the best talent, promoting a professional and competitive environment, without abdicating family values and principles.

• Be recognized as a socially responsible company, which contributes actively to the well-being of the surrounding community.


• One group, one family.

• Integrity and rigor.

• Innovation and excellence.


Our History

  • 2018

    Balanças Marques elected 2nd best company of the world in the international awards "Weighing Review Awards 2018"; BM5 ARM elected Best Retail Scale.

  • 2017

    Balanças Marques elected 3rd best company in the international awards "Weighing Review Awards"; BM5 XS Scale and PCM M1500 Weighbridge elected, respectively, Best Retail Scale and Best Truck Scale/Weighbridge.

    Start-up of the new facilities of the Customer Support Department.

    Balanças Marques receives the visit of the Portuguese Economy Minister, on 29 November.

  • 2016

    Balanças Marques integrates CECIP - European Association of manufacturers of weighing equipment.

    Weighbridge PCM M1500 elected, for the third consecutive year, Best Truck Scale/Weighbridge; BM5 XS elected Best Retail Scale 2016, both in the international prizes ‘Weighing Review Awards’.

    Startup of the new facilities for the assembly of weighbridges, assembly of scales and platforms, and warehouse.

    Opening of new facilities in Valencia, Spain.

  • 2015
    Renovation and extension of the CallMarques Calibration Laboratory accreditation;
    Creation of the MARQUES ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY (NINGBO), in China, to produce, sell, import and export in this Asian country market;
    Truck weighbridge PCM M1500 was elected, for the second consecutive year, Best Truck Scale/Weighbridge in the international prizes ‘Weighing Review Awards’.
  • 2014
    Creation of Balanças Marques Brazil, for products distribution in the Brazilian market;
    Balanças Marques elected the third best company in the international prizes ‘Weighing Review Awards’; Retail Scale BM5 and truck weighbridge PCM M 1500 elected, respectively, Best Retail Scale and Best Truck Scale/Weighbridge;
    Balanças Marques distinguished with the Prize ‘A Nossa Terra’ in the category ‘Industrial Company’;
    Balanças Marques Recognised with the Prize PME Excelência 2014.
  • 2012
    Creation of the company Balances Marques, to products distribution in France;
    CallMarques Calibration Laboratory accreditation by IPAC (May).
  • 2011
    Creation of Balanzas Marques, to products distribution in Spain;
    Balanças Marques Recognised with the Prize PME Excelência 2011;
    Creation of the Strategic Orientation Council;
    Lease audit for CallMarques Calibration Laboratory accreditation, by IPAC;
    Implementation/integration of the management system IDI, according to the standard NP 4457.
  • 2010

    ISO 9001 Certificate Renewal (March / 2010);

    Distinction as PME Líder in the FINCRESCE program (Aug / 2010);

    Restructuring of the manufacturing process with the change of platforms assembly and shipping from M1 to M2 (Aug and Sep / 2010);

    Renewal of the Lab Certificate (Nov / 2010);

    New international markets: Ireland and Austria.

  • 2009
    New manufacturing unit for I&D, production and assembly of Commercial Scales;
    EC type-approval of new weigh viewers;
    Presentation of the application for accreditation of the CallMarques - Weighing Instruments Calibration Laboratory.
  • 2008
    Restructuring of Customer Service Department, with new office to the technical assistance;
    Strengthening of the fleet with a new truck/mobile lab.
  • 2007
    New international markets: France, Kazakhstan;
    Development of a new range of weight viewers and scales.
  • 2006

    Project IEA, co-financed by IDEIA Program – Inovation Agency and, with the participation of Universidade do Minho Electronic Engineering department, development of a new viewer.

  • 2005

    Obtaining of more than 50% of the invoicing, with the export of our products to the main international markets.

  • 2004
    EC type-approval of our first range of Weigh Viewers; 
    EC type-approval and manufacture of Commercial Scales.
  • 2003
    Creation of the Group José Pimenta Marques;
    Certification of the Quality Management System under ISO 9001:2000.
  • 2002

    Lab certification to act on the issue of the EC Declaration of Conformity with Type, according to Norm NP EN ISO/IEC 17025 by the notified institution CEM – Spanish Metrology Centre.

  • 2001
    EC type-approval of our load cells;
    Certification of Recognition of the Repairer and Installer of Weighing Instruments without Capacity Limit Qualification;
    EUREKA Project qualification for our BALTEC platform.
  • 2000
    Certification of the Quality System according to the norm NP EN ISO 9002 by the SGS ICS.
  • 1999
    Industrial modernisation plan application for the PRODIBETA;
    EC type-approval of our main products.
  • 1995

    Change to current facilities.

  • 1989

    Transformation into Business Society.

  • 1967

    Balanças Marques foundation, by José Pimenta Marques.

Grupo José Pimenta Marques