Balancas Marques
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For more than 50 years, Balanças Marques has the ability to develop products in the area of commercial and industrial weighing, incorporating the latest technological trends and meeting the real needs of our clients in the most different commercial and industrial environments.

It’s dedicated to the Research and Development of Software for retail and industry. Created and joined in the Group in 2010.

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Acquisition in 2004 of the entire share capital of EUROPESAGEM - Comércio Internacional de Balanças, Lda, a company specialized in the distribution of commercial and industrial weighing equipment (Founded in 2001).

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Lx Pack

Official representative of the German brand ESPERA, of weighing and labeling equipment. Created in 2011.

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Balanças Marques



Marques Academy is the training academy from Balanças Marques.
Located in Braga (Portugal), in a space specially prepared to receive partners, clients and employees and to offer them learning moments, Marques Academy arises with the aim to ensure their formation about weighing, about each of our products and much more.

Created thinking about you, goes far beyond a space of formation.

Marques Academy opens the door to new opportunities for personal and professional growth, with formations that can take you to visit the world of weighing or even to learn more about sales techniques.

Offers you all the support and information you need to work nimbly with the equipment’s and software’s from Balanças Marques, with specialized formations, led by a dedicated and experienced team.

Above all, Marques Academy is dedicated to adding value to your work and your businesses.

- Because we believe that “the knowledge doesn’t have weigh, is a treasure you can carry easily” (Chinese saying).
- Because our value is also in you and all our Human Capital.
- Because the achievement of your goals also has weigh in our Success.