• May 15

    Balanças Marques elected the second best weighing company in the world

    The Portuguese company was voted the second best worldwide in the international awards "Weighing Review Awards 2018", while its scale BM5 ARM won in the category in which it was named.   Balanças Marques reached the 2nd...

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  • April 30

    Balanças Marques presents a positive balance of its participation in the largest world weighing fair

    Balanças Marques was again present at InterWeighing, held from April 18 to 20 in Wuhan, China. The company was the only Portuguese company and one of the few European companies to participate in the biggest event in the sector.   For...

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  • April 24

    Balanças Marques named in the "Weighing Review Awards 2018"

    Balanças Marques is the only Portuguese company named in the "Weighing Review Awards". Also named are some of its products, the weighbridge PCM M1500, the retail scale BM5 ARM and the ETPOS software.   As it is closing the...

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  • June 30

    Balanças Marques launches mobile weighing application

    The Portuguese company Balanças Marques has launched the application "Quilo", which allows the remote control of all its Weight Indicators. The mobile application, developed in partnership with SDILAB, a company of the same...

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  • June 05

    Balanças Marques launches BM5 50th Anniversary Edition

    To mark its 50th anniversary, Balanças Marques launches a Special Edition of the BM5 scale, its star product in commercial weighing. BM5 50th Anniversary Edition is a top-of-the-line scale, of a limited and exclusive series, with new...

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  • April 12

    Balanças Marques’ bet in InterWeighing is to keep

    Balanças Marques makes an excellent balance of its participation in InterWeighing, the world’s largest fair dedicated to the weighing sector. During three days, the major manufacturers and distributors of weighing equipment were...

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  • April 05

    Balanças Marques present at the world's largest Weighing industry expo

    Balanças Marques is the only Portuguese company and one of the few European companies to participate in InterWeighing, the largest weighing show, held in China. The company is also present at a fair in Algeria, in the second week of...

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  • March 29

    Balanças Marques elected the third best weighing company in the world!

    Balanças Marques won the 3rd place as Best Weighing Company in the world, and our products BM5 XS and PCM M1500 were again elected, respectively, Best Retail Scale and Best Truck Scale, at the international prizes “Weighing Review...

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  • February 01

    SIRHA confirmed the growth of Balanças Marques in France

    Balanças Marques makes an excellent balance of its participation in SIRHA, which took place from January 21 to 25, in the French city of Lyon. SIRHA could not have run better for the portuguese company. During the five-day event, which...

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  • July 15

    Balanças Marques weighing software adapted to the new SOLAS regulations

    In July 1st, the new regulations imposed by SOLAS Convention to the container weighing were applied. One of the most important changes concerns the shipping document, that has now, as an obligation, to go along with the container,...

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  • June 17

    Balanças Marques integrates European Association of Weighing Instruments Manufacturers

    Balanças Marques was invited to be part of CECIP, the European Association for National Trade Organizations representing the European Manufacturers of Weighing Instruments. Its integration was voted and approved in the...

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  • May 04

    Excellent feedback from Balanças Marques participation at InterWeighing

    Balanças Marques attended InterWeighing, the world's leading exhibition for industrial weighing equipment and accessories, held from 20 to 22 April in Chengdu, China, ending this participation with an "excellent"...

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  • April 04

    Balanças Marques products win international weighing awards

    BM5 XS scale and PCM M1500 weighbridge were elected the best in the categories of "Best Retail Scale" and "Best Truck Scale/Weighbridge", respectively, in the international awards "Weighing Review Awards". PCM M1500...

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  • February 11

    Balanças Marques in China

    It is a reality the official presence of Balanças Marques in China. Balanças Marques received, last January, the license to operate in the huge market of that Asian country. Under the designation “Ningbo Marques Electronic...

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