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Balanças Marques named in the "Weighing Review Awards 2018"

published in 2019-01-22 18:23

Balanças Marques is the only Portuguese company named in the "Weighing Review Awards". Also named are some of its products, the weighbridge PCM M1500, the retail scale BM5 ARM and the ETPOS software.
As it is closing the cycle of celebrating its 50th anniversary, Balanças Marques is candidate, for the fifth time in a row, for the distinction of "Best Weighing Company" in the “Weighing Review Awards”, international prizes to distinguish the best companies and products of the Weighing sector. Balanças Marques is one of about 30 companies nominated from around the world, being the only Portuguese company participating, having already been elected in 2014 and 2017 the third best in the world.
Its weighbridge/truck scale PCM M1500, one of the star products of the company belonging to the Group José Pimenta Marques, which unquestionably won the first four editions of the “Weighing Review Awards”, is once again named in the category of "best weighbridge".
The latest model of the company's retail scale, BM5 ARM, launched last year, competes for "Best Retail Scale", in a category in which other products of Balanças Marques have also been winners in previous editions , namely BM5 and BM5 XS.
Finally, the ETPOS software, developed by SDILAB, another of the companies of the Group José Pimenta Marques, is included in the category of "Best Weighing Software". 
The vote to elect the best companies and products is open to the general public and runs until May 11 on the "International Weighing Review" website, at the following link: -awards-2018
Founded in 1967, Balanças Marques, based in Braga - Portugal, is the largest portuguese manufacturer in the weighing sector  and leader in the production of truck scales.

Grupo José Pimenta Marques