Balancas Marques
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For more than 50 years, Balanças Marques has the ability to develop products in the area of commercial and industrial weighing, incorporating the latest technological trends and meeting the real needs of our clients in the most different commercial and industrial environments.

It’s dedicated to the Research and Development of Software for retail and industry. Created and joined in the Group in 2010.

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Acquisition in 2004 of the entire share capital of EUROPESAGEM - Comércio Internacional de Balanças, Lda, a company specialized in the distribution of commercial and industrial weighing equipment (Founded in 2001).

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Lx Pack

Official representative of the German brand ESPERA, of weighing and labeling equipment. Created in 2011.

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Balanças Marques


From quality to customer service, from experience to awards, there are several reasons why you should invest on Balanças Marques. And it’s not (only) us who say it. The users of our scales confirm it.

At Balanças Marques, we work every day to develop the best weighing equipment for your business. And we are clearly suspects to say to it, but we believe we accomplish our mission and that we can help you to “weigh a new world”.

Because, according to our customers, our scales and weighbridges present several strong suits. Believe their word for it, they speak from experience! Find out why you should invest in Balanças Marques’ solutions – according to the users.

•    Using agility
In a business’ busy day, it’s important the equipment is easy to use. And, according to Vasco Pacheco from Queijaria Pacheco, that’s exactly what happens with our series of commercial scales:
- “BM5 makes it easy to learn how to work with it and we have always counted with a 100% technical assistance. I recommend it.” 

•    Quality
Whatever the business area, weighing can have an essential role in billing. So, quality is a very important factor when we are talking about scales and weighbridges. And, according to Hélio Ferreira from Granfer, our PCM M1500 weighbridge delivers the whole accuracy they need:
- “Thanks to the great job developed by Balanças Marques, we now have better quality when it comes to weighing. Granfer is very pleased with this partnership”.

•    Design and robustness
In a increasingly demanding and competitive market, businesses need equipment that stand out and that rise to each occasion. And, for José Ventura from JR Ventura & Filhos, our MCS-LV scale came and brought them exactly that: 
- “MCS-LV scale has many strong suites: it’s robust and easy to use and, of course, it has a modern design. We definitely recommend Balanças Marques’ products”.  

•    Atendimento e apoio técnico
It’s true it is important to deliver a quality equipment, but it also as true that it is important to provide a customer service that meets their needs. And, according to Sérgio Sousa from Povo’s Butchery, Balanças Marques supplies both sides: 
- “We work with Balanças Marques’ products since 2001. We’ve always had a 5 stars service. I recommend it!”

Now you got to discover some users testimonies on Balanças Marques, you can clearly see why you should invest in our solutions. Explore our webiste and find the right scale or weighbridge for your business!